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2011 ~rlKtM v~ 11 { S

zY njh ~[xl Uzz]px Yyp
~vz[Y vo~mp 24Y RyL!
Q zYN ~~Yx ~ul{x ~ayx {p~K x Ryvp xYl{ AH~ y[x lyp K v{{p {xp ~ܲY ~lyv R{yjx {p r ~vz[Yxp[ vo~mp 24Y Rywppf AH~, Y}x y[x vzx{ vMnpx K [zx Ryvnz (Global Fund against Aids,TB & Malaria) yrxz Y [jpY vnzY {pYy ܻtp t{ Sl |{~ Yfxl Ry vM[ yf Yx.
A ~q {p Ryvnz {p Yy ܻtpp Sl Ryvnz ..


Q zYN njh ~[xf Rp{ ~vz[Y ~v tyrl {yn. vx r~v W~ x{, Wx Rr yG tlyxY np rYN Yyp R~Kvl z[Y R~y.pvl clply yc p{p ~op{z hzM YG{zf xf { vyf R ~vy ~op WD.Rx.. {y~x vkzK v{{p K R~Kvl z[Y R~y ~yY}l z~ r{l{[p xvf Wx {rl Yy lpYz r~yxY Tf zt vf {y nyx.

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UlM ~v .Wp.A.
lpf Yhx

Ulyf zt[l xl n|rzp ~K ~{u{x vz Yy[p h ~popx YjhxK lpY Rly vl [fvY R{ R t{ p [ppf ܻJ.
Rjh{ xcp Yyp n|rzp ~v uy [pp{ {p{f lvp n|rzp ~vY xcp Y xl t{ rY}x WY r~Y xcp Yyp Rly l{l r~Y lMY Yypx ycx Srl Yyp n|rzp ~v rnY Yy[p Sx rtq p yj [l xl t{x.
K Rly ycxf R{| z~ Yfxl Yyp t{f l{l vpݲ{yp r~Yf anp Wzz ܻJ.



Rpyry nY}j ~mrx R~z yol{Y
Rpyory Q v tp {p~ R~z f[vj yc[ u}v{|} lprl Y nY}j ~mrx (nYj [t) r ryn ux y z~ SYy R Rpl{ rzzxY S{l Yyp z~ tzrK Yyp v ~]ylpx ~z ~op{z WYvl{p vv 10 n{z 1.00f nY}j ~mrx R~z {pl yol{Y r{lvf Yfxl x Rl.
tno rc ux l SYy R vv v~zK rzzx Yz ynp R{yjx { rn~Y y~ SY WYY {p Rly rc u ~{Mop {rx xfl Rp{~y SK S{l Yyn vx RyY}Y R|{zf v ܻJ.
vv Rp{~y rzzx {v S{l Yyppx tno |~p ...

vzJ {n Urxf Wy{
{pl Ry[zxY xl Yyp{ - RplM |{nz |} tz vjhzx

vzJ rn[zY {n nzx ~q Ur rpK tzx zt vf Wy{ Sx {pl Ry[zxY xl Yyp t{ RplM |{nz |} tzvjhzx r{~x.
W Yq{KYy ~{ tjhy y S ~[x f r{~N pf WY WY |{ nz vGfp Yyp K rtq yol Sx ~v~l |{nz rnoxv ~Ktpo Yy [p ~ Yyp yol{Y nY{ r{Mlpx Yyp t{x.
K Rly vv lll{x rtq p{l vf RplM |{nz |} tz vjhzx vyf rop n|rzp rY}{z xlxp ~z ~op xlxp vvf n Sx tzryll N.

S{l Y xl zop R~Yyp{ - rz~r
~{x Rly xK x[xpf zY{ R rz~x 1102 Y ~{xp S{l vf rz~ vz~mpx ~xv r x[ Yl Yy Rlx xp, Wv anp{pf zY { zop [p xp rayx R~lxY t{ rz~r Wp. Y. Sz[Yp vl y Y v~vY r{~x.

Rpyry v p[y ~uN tzx p [v cr RrY}{x - Y.. zz Ypl
S rl rzp v{yjx Rpyory v p[y~uN tzx Yy [vf lvp tzryll {p t{ cr fr rMzKpl vpݲ Y.. zz Ypl vl r{~x.
r~[x rlrzp v{yjx Rpyory v p[y ~u tz rn|x l Wcrx Rut{p rop rY}x t{f rl {x cpl vY ryvjx.

~pop v{yj ~fpf
v Rv{y K ~ܻx {hf t~

v{yjx r{l{p ~v tz rn|xYv WY~l cpl n~ ~popx {p{p bpn ~fp vxvf R rl rzp Rxlpx Qzr R~p ~oxY{yxf Rvly{ ~ܲYY xcpx Yyp ~~ R~p{z v Rv{yp R~p ~oxY{yp n RpxYl Yy R t{ ~popx zYK Rvl ~~z rvcxpl vl r{~x.
f Rvly{ Yw v p[y ~u v{yj Yfxl {p{p Rvl{yp [jp{Y K ~ܻx ~f òxY{ ~Ktpo {. Yw v p[y ~u v{yj rayY Yfxl z {|xp Ryv 10 { ry{yN Ryzx[ vpyx cpr vpn ycrY} vl[ ropl{xp ~ Y.

Wcrx Yw p{p {hr{ ztp ~ܻx
Yw v p[y ~u v{yjx {p{p lv rY}x Urv ty xnp t{ r{~p Wcr v zYK ~~ RllpxY vl A {p{p vov rvjx ~xxYf R~pp ~Z{Y S p Ãrx ~opx Yy R t{ r{~x.
vv vov rvjx Rlp tlyxY r{l{px vn Yw R~px Yp Yy[px. Tf Rvly{ ~v bpn vo~mpxYv R{yjx {p ~ Yh YjhxK ~K Wcrx ~opx Yy ܻJ.







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| zY{f Wy Yvplj vn f r{l{p vp{ YK ~v{
WY~l cp[ vp{ YK Y{p~zx 18 { {M}Y v ~KKzpx f (12) ~G~Mzplx { p{y r{lN. Wv ~KKzpxf ~u[ v ~q Q zY{ xcpx Yyp {z YMvpl Rvl vpn ~vy~, {vM[ cz YvpYyj Rvl vz ~rz n ~z{ xp vl{yp rfl{ xvf xl{ .
vv ~vN Y l{ yf{z ÃrxY Q zY{f Wy{ vp{ YK anp{p Srl Yyp clplyx l Q zY{ R~yl{f RrMxf zY Yyvf Ul~ Yyp ~.
~ {~yY YzxY vzz K yf l r{ Yy l~l{ Ry[zx v vp r~ n|x yf{z ~p nv hx~ry{ Y l{ vpv clply Y ~vYxp[ R{|l{f Rp{ ~Y~ Yyp zn apz - 4 pzYN Q ...


vN ~p pl ~j... Rf Rf {z j...
RnM Yyppf l `p Yvz p{ln A ~~yx rl[p R {ppf Rlx ru ~l{x. rYY {ry r{zY RKv, lll ~ WYv {vz ~nyxY ~v[ j R r~z Rorpx R{~px clply r~zY [y {lx x{ z~ ly [llx.
Yvz Rx vzpv npp 2005 {~y vn u[x rvjx. t {~Y ny ru[ yYmp RY ~x[p Rx l{l t{Y R Yy [pp X Rxf {Yz p[~ Rnyx n rY| Y x.
Yvz n ~z{ vx[px {rY r{zY Rx. A {p f Yw X}o Rz xlxY z~ x{Y Y x. {~y WYvyY rvj Yzxp r~ nnp {xY [p ~ln ru[ v{ ~ rxl, ~nyxl A {xf lpv yno {. A Yvz[ r{z r~v p[rvl,


rn[zY {n nzxp vl { rn[zY |{ nz RMtnx
Rr r~[x vzJ rn[zY {n nzx rtq{ Rn~ v~vf ycx {n zop [ ~[vx xlxY v { f X[p R~N rn[zY {n nz{zf rY} n ynon xpp x. Xf A ~q rly nYY t. WYY {x K ~Ktpoxp Xf r{ rn[zY vlxx. A Rp{ X rn[zY {n nz ~Yzrxf rY}x. RlK [x yz{z ycY {zN r{ rn[zY {n ~{x xnp {n {lYxpn ~p tlyxY rn[zY {n {lܻx xp {lxY xppY z~ X Y rY|x {nnY pl. X [ RpY rly {x ~[vxY z~p n X{p [ ynol{xY p t{x.

yp vz[ ~Y{[ ty Yzplxp { v yp YzzxY ~zvz
~{Mjuyj {q~z ~{x Yyp ~ ~{Y lyjx { Ryx [p Wppf Wlp rf {jx.
v WpYz Rlp zY Yy[pp.
ry r W ~ RpY ~Y{f X rflf xppf ry ĻNx.
{p X Wp lY Rx ypth Rzz y Rlp xly nv [ll n A vl Wv Yfxll R Rp ~ {j pl. ~{Y lyjx rf{ [~ pxY nYY [{ppf Rl. yp th Rzzf lyjxY Rl {jx.

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ny{p[ n{ vNrxp z~ p{pp [y{ypx. W~ { Yz A [y{yp qp lp { r~z ny{p[ {~ ~vp lpY {ppx. W S[v vpv vNrxp[p ztpp { Rnyx, RyY}{, Y{yjx n ny{Yf zx xlvx.
Wl r~[x ~ܻx vly rn|x r~zp R~ppf ztj Rov ~p ~p r npY WY{ r~z l ~ Y R~{p ~l YKr Yy{p Rvp}x òx{. ~{q rrppf tz ~ vz YYY r~z l A r~z [yvNrx{y vpv z RK R`z[l zop ~ vlY ~ yY~Y ~p l r Yy vN RYyY z~.
[{j ~rlKtM 03 { n{z {p f WlY pY r{ U~~ r u[x r rY}jxn R{~p {jx. vly lzFcz ycx z u[ ~KtpYyj vo~mpxY z~n Yfxl Y tp |z {[vY y ~mpxY {xx. W~v vxp Yv [x x W zopf W~p Yv p[~ Yyppf ycY tjx. Wvpv u[ r|p rl{z RyY}{ r~ z RK R`z[l rz~ zop[ ~{xn r~z uxf z t.





Q zY X~Gzx f~G ly[{zx
Rr r~tvf {[{xll
rYy{pn? rp x{pppn? ljzzn?

 zY - X~Gzx f~G ly[{zx n{p f~G ly[x K {p f rzzYz r{lN. [zz clply òYG rѻx r{ rmv f~G ly[x p lpvyY l R{~p {x Q zY{ zYj 125 Y R rycxY zt.
rYy{p[ xy r܃ywx Vc{v tzr rmv f~G ly[x Q zY rmv Sv zYj 105 Yf ~v v l Rr rzf ly[x ~v [zvY pzt. X~Gzxp{p zYj 273 Y rmv SK zt p{ll 210 Yf ~v { Wv ly[x zYj 378 Y SzYYxY zt Rr rz ~N{ p ~{~ 2.30 {p f zYj 253 Yf [x l rpxf p 10 Yf ryx.

yG IJh{ ~x cp WY{ [hp{ nxY - cpr vpn ycrY} x[v xx
cY v IJh UzY xp yG |Yx, yG oMx, N[x vpv pxl rY| Yyp Ul~{xY t{ cpr vpn ycrY} 37 { cY v IJh Uz ~vyKuY Ul~{x r{~x.
Tx (~p~y) x[v vpn ycrY} RplMcY IJh[jx v { cY v IJh Uz ~q 7000Yf RY IJhY IJY{p UlM rylhN ~f nYj n{pnylh{ nY{ rl p{xv xcpx Yyp {~y 29Yf r~{ ~u[ v ~lff YyjY t{ r{~ cpr vpn ycrY} cY IJh Uz oMx, |Yx vpv ~v[xn {Mopx x xl t{ R{oyjx Yyx.

apn FYpf n~ {n rYy ~q rx{y - vzz IJh ~ur
2012 XzKrY Uzf ~u[ v ~q r~op vGfv R~zfv rj ~p fM 1500 cY |y apn FYp[ rnx Rtoxf n~ rYy zt [vf {v rx{y [pp t{ cY vzz IJh ~[vx ~ur KcM cpyz rzl rpp r{~x.

y WK.~.A. òYG RYh ly[{zxp x{p rYy nY}l
Rr cY òYG rz R~MmY r܃ywx K p{z B~Gzx f~G ly[{zx nYpf ztjn r~[x Rr x{p òYG IJhYxp[ r܃yw nY}l y Rp[xp r{ WK.~.A. òYG RYh ly[{zx nYpf zx. R{y 13p r |yl{ W~.W~.~. rzn R{y 15p r |yl{ WK.~.A. J~ rzn zt vv ly[{zx WK.~.A. J rz ~p Fylp B{y 30Y ly[xY p zYj 204Y zv {Ml[l r܃ywxY x.

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òYG vvl {h [~j ~r IJh{Y xfx. [K [H Y YyGfp òYG{zf Yv {jl ~r rxY yw v X{pf ~pxY x.
pvl p òYG [p tj ryrx {p~ x. A cY Yjhxv xcpx Yyp ~r IJhYxp Rly [vp R Yzzp n ~p ~x. WrvjY p{ X{p[ rp{p z{ ~r IJhYxp[ Yh q {fp ~x. K Yltl [vp rj |}f rp xvY xj ~ rf{Y [px.

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W~.W~.~. WK.~.A. J~ |yl p [

x{p òYG IJhYxp[ nY}l p [vf Yv llppY { WK.~. A. (M.C.A) òYG RYh ly[{zx (R{y 13, 15 p r {x~ Yjh) ~q r~[x ~ Rplx {q ~{ òYG rѻx v{f rl {x Sl ~MmY z~.
WY rzYf B{y 30 Y t[p { vv òYG ly[{zx ~q ~u[ { YjhxK Rlp zpYp~ òYG RYh rz ...

R| Ãrxpv IJh Yypp zv ~lfY - cY zrp IJY aly[ cx~x
cY z rp YjhxK {v rKvY R aly[ |Y yylp cx~x nY} zrp IJY{Y z~p p{ppf r{p. r~[x zY |yl zrp ly[{zx clply Yltf zY{ Rx[ lyly rtq{ v{y ~y~xp r [~p RYyxx K.

2011 y[ zY Y~zp ly[{zx
c[l y[ y Yfn?

òYG zY Y~zpx r~[x Rrz v~ v W Uj~v v xvfl ry y[ zY Y~zpx r~[x ~Yy (~r. 9) p{~zplx BYzpH p{y RyKu x.
z{ rtzv y[ IJh Yyp yf{z 20 Y Yf~ 4 Yf t A, , ~. . z~ ly[ {p vv ly[{zx v{y Sl xj vj{yY [p ztp t{ y[ ayYxp[ r vlx Rl.



y [N}j
Y YvYxp WY vyf  Y ~vz[Y ~vc{z Rlplx

~vz[Yl{x Yy rn[zxY rl vf Yyj ÃrxY tzrp{. WYY lvx X{p[ cpvx rll. t f X{p[ r{z ~~m l W{ rn[zxp Spp r{p.
A {[v r| nexY Y rMx}j{zp rp{ npp v{ lll{xf rl{p rn[zxp[ vxp xK xK {p~YK r{p t{.

 [j ~

rYxp xfYy }r {p
ru RyY}Y {p{zf xy ~nM|p Uj!

ru RyY}Y ymxY r l{l rn[zxY r~[x x [x x. W~.. ~pxY Rvl{yx[ rlx [p Avf [{plfr tz S[zzp ~ t{ xp ~Zru[ ru RyY}Y ymxY [һvp v~ x[~ tj tzz [l ry r{ ~ WD.. ~z Urzx. ru RyY}Y ymxYf xf { rv{pp ~z Urz p{pp ..



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