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2011 Rrz v~ 10 { S

vv ~q ~ r YzNz zt p[v ~
JzY[ cpr
v{ JY!

R{y ~vx l cpr vpn ycrY} vl vvf x{Y pv t{l vvf R{| pK R{y ~vxp r~{ pxY zt [l xl t{fl nYj R~xp Yzrx uy RvYp ~Yy yc zYK ytG B.JzY vlf vyf ycx ~p pK Rlx |{~ Yfxl Ry vM[ yf Rp{yjx Yyx.
Wvpv n| Rvl vaMx .Wz. r~ vl K {pf W[zplx ~ayxY x ~p ~ X vvf n K p{z x{Y pv t{f ytG B. JzY vlf vyf ycxp pK Rlx Wv ...


Xt ~vf ~t p{ {~yY N{!

{~plx vz rrz ~p p[p{
Y{K Y~ [x rz ~{q vp{
t t Rl R{y ~lf ryp{
~N~ r R{ynnY Xtf rlp{
~Yzrp{ : hJ.Y.. p{ylp

n| yf{z ~q
R{y pYl

2011 ~z Rl R{y al
p{ ~q tzv : Rup{ ap {M}x ~q Rrz v~ 08 { ~Yy n ~Mx {M}x ~q vx v~ 05 { t~rp n p{ ~q tzv vp.
ryj R{ynn ~q ~ppx:
Rrz v~ 13 { t Yw rl x} | pp [ ~ppx Yf S}f n{l Rp~vyjx x {~x vp.
Rl R{y U{
Rrz v~ 14 { t~rp Rry u[ 01.01 f ~z Rl R{ynn U{x.
rj Yzx :
Rrz v~ 14 { t~rp rM{ u[ 06.37 ~f yݲ 07.25 nY{ rj Yzx tp Rrz 14 { t~rp rM{ u[ 06.37 f rv{ Ry Rpu{ Yf ...



Wcr cY ~oxY lypp bpn v~vY
WY~l cY rY}x cY ~oxY lply ~q YlY vjhzx Ruply bpn v~vY r{l{p lll{xY Un[l vf t yf Sh Rlx |{~ Yfxl Wcr Ry vM[ "y"f Rp{yjx Yyx.
K ~q pf xj ly[xY r{p WY~l cY rY} Yw ~ܲY rMzKpl vpݲ y YyjpxY vl ~ vpy[z ~ܲY rMzKpl vpݲ yl vntjhy vlf t{ Wcr Ry vM[ ~qp Yyx.

K Rly vv lll{xf ~vY {|xp WY~l cY rY}xf ~Yy pxY lplyY p{ vf n ~YDb r{l{p r{p t{ Wcr Ry vM[ r{~x. Wl A ~Ktpoxp vlY ~ yjxY [p pl.
Wcrx p{ {{~m{ xfl rop lply ~q rn[zxp Rp rl vf R{ r~[x [ ~ܲY Wcr rMzKpl vpݲ [xpl YyjzY vl rY}x vo rY|Y z~ x rlK ztN x. X 2000 {~M ~f K nY{ RZjh{ Wcr rMzKpl vpݲ{yxY z~ Yfxl Yyx.

rY 27Y rh{ vYpp
z cpp tz[y 11Y {~x

pf zx cppx v ~ Yyp ycx ~ rn[zY R|x z tz[y 11Y {~ vf ztz ~ tz|Y Rvl|x yjx Yy ܻJ.
vv tz[y{z z cppx ~q xp RY xnv ~ R {p vz rh{ ~zzzf [p Rvl|x vv yjx [p Rl.
vv z tz[y WY z cppx ~q xp RY r{x ~ K {p f zY ztz vjhzxf yrxz zxp 27Y (Y 2700Y) rh ~ Rlx p [ppf ܻJ.
vv z tz[y{z z AYYxY ~q xp ~vp ...

òYG Rly YfN S lply {p~Y
òYG Rly YfN S lply ÃrxY {p~Y `v ~vf xl t{ yf {Ml N. W~ {{l òYG Rly Yf{ [fv r{p R t{l Wx ~y{ pyp R t{l IJh Rvl|x Ry vM[ yf ~qp Yyx.
pf ~p Rly YfN rop uY nYY {p~Y Sx ~vf t yf ShYh R t{ S r Ry vM[{zp ~pm N. |}xp zY Y~zpx lY òYG Rly YfN {p~Y R pvf IJh Rvl|x Yfxl Y n K {p f S rn{z RlK zop[ rn[zY l ~ pt ppv Szz R~vf xl t{ {Ml N.

Spop z {vf Rp{ vl tz|Y z ~lxY
Spop z S xvl ~v[ A tj zx, r{px { ~~ R|{z z S xK vl v ~q tz|Y z ~lxY yff p{ x xl t{ ztz ~ tz|Y Rvl rgz aKrY yj{Y vl yf r{~Nx.
vv tz|Y z ~lx cpl{[ n xYl{x R{ cpl{ ~v[ ~{nxp xl{ R Y xl WYY t{ r{~ yj{Y vl ~x R| R{yjx {p r ~Y~x xl t{ n R{oyjx Y x.

h[ R{pv xl yf ry
K p{z r{p {~ ~l Yz[jxY ~v[ vypY h[ R{pv yf ry ~ X~{p r{p t{ ~Z Rvl|x vcpl{f Rply `{x.
r {rl{ òxlvY {p rz {h~fpY y h[ R{pv Rh vf R{| Urv òxvM[ [pp z~ ~Z Rvl vܲrz ~~p vl ~Z tzopf x[ Yf ܻJ.

vov lrz {vyN RMtnx l{YzY{ v N
lrzr{yx[ ~x tzlz, lrz ~ z ~pn| Rvl|xp zYK{yx xflf rl Y t{f lrz ~ z ~pn| Rvl {p Yvyl[ vl ~p rY| vl ~v[ vov lrz {vyN r{ RMtnx l{YzY{ v{ Y ܻJ.
lrz ~{x ~{ Rlx xp {a ~ }j vM|px v ~q ~{p Yf{Y rl Yyp t{l Wv vM|p R{~p {p lY lrzr{yx[ tzlz zYK{yx xflf r{y [pp t{fl Rv{yx {lx ~{zf {Y{ pK ܻJ.








v{y lzph tzx Yf n?
Yyj cxzzl Yyf Yy
zYN rl rzp v{yjx r{ ~vx tj bpn Uj~v Sl Rh {{l SpxN lzph rpl v{yj Uj~v pK W~ pN. Rrz 13 { r{lvf xl rpl v{yjx n~ t np[ R{opx xv Rll Wx K {p f r{l v{p ~p ~x. r~[x R{j .WK.Y. - Y[~ R{z ~ lzph n|rzpx UhxYy {p Rlx t np |{~ Y n Rn {p f [fK ~xzz ~t{ R{~pxYf rj ܻJ.
Y~ {{l WûpY Yy R {j ~l K pK l{l YzxY xp ly r{ ...


A ~prlxf Rl WpplY
zYx {p~ Yyppl Wx {xp ry{zppl ~ ~Kvl ~yz Mx al ~p pN. ~Kvl Yvxf Rux[ Y ry}x z{ ~lY {pp Wx. px{ x{f ry [p A lp x Srj K Rry al Roxpx v lp {y [x l{zf x {y v[ ~x xppf R{~ ry ~x [l x. W{ ryvnM| al ÃrxY R~y Yf Yyp ztp K [x lp Rr tzryll {pp {y vrlY [vp Yyp ~p Xt{ ppx Yf {y v{lf R{Mj vfx.

zY Y~zpx Spx{f [pp x[v
Rr[ Rxlpx v[p Yyp ztp ~ c} r{lrl Rlf ztjl v p{yn{v x{p Yf~Y {pp W R v vplaMx{yp[ pK x. vYpp a Yz {| tpop [p, v z{zp [p, vzxzK [yp [p W r R t pK R|xp RYM}x x. A{x ~qp R Rpnvf X{pf Y pYY fr cpr F.RM. cx{Mopf Y ...

~z R{ynn ryyN ~nn...
~z ~ n Rl R{y U{ ~q l{l S{ Rll p lp. ~z ~ n xp cp nYv WYl{p {xp r{l{p rvZlv ~~YY v[zx Uj~v yf ry nYpf x. U~ rl unxp ly{ Y{yl Upp{p Rl R{y U{ ~vyppf ~pK {p ~.

y nyN{
rzx[h v {qr YrrK rlzx Rlplx
Yw |pl cp v {q ~Mjx rzx[hf [p [~ {l Yy p nY lpY xn WYv xn rxY t{f rlx.
A n|rzp tz{lp ܻnpY[ rlz ~ayxp Rly R { lpYp ~fpY ~x. rzx[h vl~ {q ~Mjx {rYxp[p YrrK [vf R YrrK Yzz Rly R { [fv y[ [x xj R Rxo{zp Yr Yf, r{zp ryvl ~v[x.

Spx{ zY Y~zpx pp{f Rz ylprM òYG XGf{p Yz{pf Y nYY
v{y òYG zY Y~zpx Spx Yjhxv cx[jx Yyp t{f ylpry, Yz{p rn|x ShK {zYy{Y l {x rtz |{~x. ~ vY {rYxp ~q vnz rzxf v n ~ Yyp v prlv r ylpry p[yxf rjp Rly òYG ly[ Ryux ~ Yyp XGf vf n xv {{. 2011 òYG zY Y~zpx Spx{ pp t{f K {rYx l t |{~x YlyK n xl Spx{ zY Y~zpx p[pp t{f X zY} fY vnzY XGf{f ltN zY Y~zp ly[ vz{ RyKu {j rty{ 19 {p pf, p ÃrxYf ryl{x.

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tY v~x RyKux rfpv R{y Uz Yy Upp{p r~{p R{y Yvyx ~l r vpz{ R{y v[zx Yg rrx ~q ~n~ R~p[p ~~ {vx ymxp [vpyKu Yyp r~ S~lzx Yy rxvpp x. {p vpz{ [vpf vl R|{p pl nz{[p rz rz tz ~p R|{xp Yy YzK zYj Y Yvyx WY{yv [z [~.

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tylz z {v Sx RMY ~{Mopx Rux[

Q zYN vcpl{ xl {yY Rr~l{Yf rl Yyp Spop z [jp S p{p zx. Zc lz ~~m{ ~z zfyxY yrxz lpp rfz zfyxY yrxz nxp z { Y x. Spxp Xxz ~v[v ~z z zfyxY yrxz p { Y Rly rfz z { Y ~~mN z {v ~vp zYf x.




Q zY òYG rx Uj~K N
Q zY-Spx zY Y~zp R{~p ly[x r~[x ~p~y vKtx p{y {pYH IJh[jx R{~p{x vp ~ n rvZ Spx rzf |}f cxY RlYy n. {~y 28Yf r~ Spx{ zt |}f cx[jxp r~{ ry Rp|yxp z~ r YvM ~[YYy rvZ Rr òYG rz K {p f zY {p~Yf ucpx {p t{ r~[x ~ { {p~K{zp rz N.
pxY YvM ~[YYy pxYl{xp S{lv, UrpxY vz cx{Mop lv UrpxYl{xp S{l {p t{ Nnpx v Rypn n ~z{ rvZ ~N rn[z òYG lK Yf{ lv R~K zr uyv, rjYy f{M Jz~ lv [~K Yzx v vl ~v[ Wwp W[zpl ~ayx ~q rjYy rnxf fr ~x rjYy ~f{G z rlv xp ~K p 2-3Y Rll Yzx l ~v ....

Rx.r.Wz. ly[{zx Rywx
zY Y~zpx Uj~v v xvfl ry p{ll l{ {yfl r{l{p ztp Spx rxM z[ (RxrWz) ly[{zx r~[x ~Yy (Rrz 8) ~f RyKu x. appx ~rM ù[~ YzYf pxGyxhM~ rz Rly appx Ry ly[{zx vx 28 p{ll appx p{y r{l{p R{~p ly[xp v{f rl v nY{ Rly Yzx l B{y 20-20 òYG ~jYx n~ Rr òYG zzp[ R{opx lpv xv {px Rr YvM ~[YYy, vz cx{Mop, zYylp z}p, vllxx vyznyp { ~r IJhYxpf p{ll vv RxrWz ly[{zxf ~u[ {p t.
v{y p{ Y f~Yy~ Yyz Yjhxv rmv {yf WY{p Rly W pxYl{x vzf r{ vl Wx r~[x {y appx ~rM ù[~ rz {p{p IJh Yyp zt vllxx vyznyp WY ~vl, hxz f[ pxYl{x xfl ly[ {p yxz azpcM~ t[zM rzf zYylp z}p WY ~vl, hYp aMcM~ rz pxYl{xf YvM ~[YYy rl ~vl ~ zx ...

vyz |}fxp Rly |}fx Yx cprf r[pN
c}g IJh voN ~vrl tjhy ~p yl Murali - The Greatest Among the Great [pmx r~[x Ryz[ vpyx cpr vpn ycrY} cprlvf r[p{ Rxy bxyrx. Murali - The Greatest Among the Great Yxf Rll Rll clply òYG IJh{p SYl ~v[l z{ {v f~G WYp Yhzux {p vllxx vyznyp[ {p alxx. vx [h[ rY|px.

Rrf vj npp ܻxp zYv Rhrh{ Rr r~zfv xz IJh rxY pYv - {xw ycx ・z òYG pxY zr p{p p{ylp
2010 {~M l{ Yf~ Rp|yl{ p [p vv {~M Q zY r~z òYG ly[{zx n{ Yf~ ly[ ~q ~u[ vf {yK zt [l Yyj[z {xw ycx z rz vxK [y{x u[x zt[l zr p{p p{ylp v{y ~y~ Yltf WY {x Yyj[z, Uxpnp r ~x {~ x.

A ljzz zYj 274Y zt [llf r~~ rypp ~no {x xz Rr Y{yl lN p... - zYylp z}p zY Y~zp R{~p ly[x vlYx R{ Yyx...
v{y zY Y~zpx Q zY{f R {jl Q zY YjhxK IJhYxp yxpvx. zY Y~zpx R Yy[l Rp|yxp[ yxY {p zYylp z}p[p v{y zY Y~zpx rtq{ v~pp Rr Yzrp Y. K X[ Rn~ r [~p RYyxx.
* v{y zY Y~zpx Q zY{f {x xp tzryll{ Y ll tj. pvl R{~px {j Rp|yl{x. A vl rycx `K Xtf pj Yx fn?
R{~p v ly[x cx[jx Rrf Yy [pp r{p xp vp~Yl{xp, |{~xp xl{ x ~ rycx Nnp{ `Y lf pj.

~r tz{H ly{zf zY Y~zp Uj~v pj
vp ~ n rvZ Spx òYG rz zY Y~zpx zt [l vl Spx ~r p RM Zp[ R~p ~lf Y {[yj t{ vKtx p{p {Ml N.
zY Y~zp R{~p ly[x R{yjxf [x Rrf tz{H p 녋 r npYf vKtx p{y {pYH clply òYG rѻx rY}Yxp Rly ~ t{ n Y [l x.

Spx{ zY òYG y p [K Rry r~K Yl{...
{~y 28 Yf r~{ uyl n|x Urv pnpxY zt px r~[x Rrz 02 { t{ Rvl{p { xl pl. vp ~ n[ ~r pxYl{xp xl Spx rz YvM ~[YYy[ pxYl{xp xl Q zY rz n~{p zY Y~zp ly[{zx R{~p ly[x rp 10 Y S{ x Yh 4 Y |}f cxY zv Yz~Y{l Spx òYG zzp RvlY pYyp Rl.
1983 {~M W{Yf Spx pxY Yrz nN ~p rmv{yf cx[jx vp {~y 28 Yf r~{ n[ pxYl{x l zt K ~r cx[jx cx[jxY {x Wx ~v~l Spx cpl{ YzxY rfp rl cxY { x. Spx rz v{y zt cxl ~v[ zY Y~zp ly[{z S܃~x ~lYyY yfY lv v{ yG IJh[jxY zt rmv zY Y~zp |yl{ z~ ...


 [j ~

Spxp lYYz [ջxp tfYp
n|x lYYz [xf nxxp[v rfx
Spx{p lYYz [pzz... Rr S{yx. [x ~M [ll t[ [{lyf xf {j. Rpvf nY qz [ll lYYz Yf Spx{p p Yy{... rvYy Rryo K{...
K p{z lYYz Rv ~ {[Yy{p[ Rnp{ A RYyxp R~x x.
nwzz RMY vo~mpx yplyxp Yltf zY{p {q vo~mpx. v xv {rYxp [xpf vpv vo~mpxf n Rnyx Yy.



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