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K Rp{ rz~ tz rn| l v{yj rajh òx R {{l Wv lll{xp rzpx v ~q R{| ~x tzlz ~ r~YK rz~ ~mpr{ypf ~z~ Rlx K rtq y Y v~vYf rly p rz~ vo rY|Y c}g rz~ RY Rx.WK. Yyjylp vl ~qp Yx.
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v{yj ~vx R Rxlp{zp Y|x Yyp ~x {h~fp ~ |}[ lvp[ RY}jxf zY {p t{l v{yj Yv~~{yx ~p zt R Urn~ vz{f rp òx vf Wv Rxlp{zf ~v x{Y pv t{l GRyD vl {yfl R{oyjx Yx.
yG RjhYv {{~m{ ..



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rY}x r RrY}Y cpyz ~yl p~Y ~ rY} pxY yz Yv~ xp vl{yp ~x Ypn~ Sf Yyp t{f zl{ ...

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Q zY n~ rY}x {h pYyp R~p ~oxY{yp rtq{ y~[l {Ml{Y cpr vpn ycrY} vl {l z Rlx Ryzx[ ...

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rY}x r RrY}Y cpyz ~yl p~Y vl[ v{yj rrl rY|px Sx zYN ...

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xn K l{z zt ~tpf ~p ~Y

xn K l{z zt ~y {n {M[ K{zf zY Yy ...

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cp{ v~ 15 { (~Yy) {xp Uly rn~ {xYy ~Mx[jxY ~ N. tfy {y yxp rllzvf n ...

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cpr{yj Uj~v Wpp Wppv S xx. A ~v[ p Yyxf rj R Uj~K vlY{Y {pp cpyz ~yl p~Y[ tjp{p ~Ktpo { t{ xp xn UrYyj [pnp{x. vzp v{yj NY{z ~ r{l ~YDb{z rvjY R~j K Yl{ Wxp r~ rMzKpl{ Yy n [xx.


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Q zYN x{ oxY cpr{yx ly [v {p{p r{l{p cpr{yjxf l{ Rll xfv p 16 Y rv. A Rlpl bpn rayY Yfxl ~q l{ S{ Rll ~ nYYfl Rh Yzx. A ~{pv rop RrY}Yxp nnpv r ~x bpn rayY Yfxl K {p f |] Yf ܻJ.
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* ~y Xt[ òYG lx RyKux ~ {pp Yv n?
vv vzY Rorpx ztN {llz |pl Rpl cY r~zp. W nlpp r r{p r r~z òYG Yjhxv xcpx Y. r~{ vyp |pl c~r nzxf Rll {z lp r npvxp r òYG IJh Y.
Sp Rply{ vzv {l{f {~y nn~ r npvxp r R~xY òYG ly[{zxf ~Ktpo {pp {yK ztj. {~y nn~ x Q zYN r{ npvxp r zY Y~zp òYG ly[{zxf ~u[ {j. A {[v vz~xN r{ npvxp r zY Y~zp òYG ly[{zxfl ~u[ {pp x{ ztj.
r~{ Q zY A Yjhxvf ~Ktpo {z Q zYN r{ r~lp òYG A Yjhxv WY{ ~Np ly[ nYYf WYp ly[ rYf ~Ktpo {j. A v ly[xY {[v YzG~ IJh ~vcx WYl {z R{y lpY WY [f rxM z[ ly[ xcpx Y. pfl W IJh Yyp{.

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c[l òYG rѻx RZjh{ {~y 20 Y IJh Y ~r òYG IJhY ~pl cx~x Rr yf {p{p Y ~{x R[xvY cpr vpn ycrY} vl[ ropl{xp r~[x ~ x.
{~y 20 Y clply IJh rx {Mj{l Y pf l~ x r~ Yy R cx~x[ SzYYx 2011 zY Y~zpxf n vj vx. Y{nl R~y SzYYxp cx [pp Rr {vl rYy K SzYYx n ~ry [vf ~x {y x nyp pRpvp x. K Rux[xf vj vf lv Yv t{ r{~p cx~x lvf WYp ly[ rY zt W IJh Yyp Rxy Rp{ lv S zY Y~zpxf vj v rtq{ S`xY vf t{ r{~x.
{~y 1989 n~KtM 26 p X~Gzx{f Wy{ vztp p{y WY p t~vx zt cx~x c[l òYG rx RYvjx Y vn r rYy{Y z~f x. Wl v Y Yzpv RYvj|z RyKuY rYy{Y z~ ~x r{ IJhYxpf vzz vf Rr~ IJhYxY t{f rl x.
cx~x [p t np Yl Yyppf rfp [ll 1996 zY Y~zpxp r~{ x. W v~fM Jz~fM pvxp y{zx zl cx~x, Ylyj WY{ WYp rx Uh xYy v l ~pl cx~x òYG rѻx {hlv uxpY rYy t{f rl x. 1996 zY Y~zpx p Rr rz ~ cx~x W zY Y~zp ly[{zx {hlv {p IJhYx (Most Valuable Player) ~Kvpx ztN rx ly {f {yp ry{z Wzz Yyp r{ rp x{ppp nj [~~vf ~vl { x.
{vp rylvY{ rp{f ry np cx~x YjhxK ~p {hl rxcp{l {vp r n`rp x{p lp ...



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