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2010 cp{ v~ 03 { S

WpB ~zz [N
Y n?

cpr{yj ~vx Y [jp vnz [zv [p tn R|{zf ~YxY

vyf òxlvY {p yc p{p ~op ÃrxYf r~[x ~ nY lpY Yzx l yrxz Y ~x [jp n~ Ryvnz z Rlx tn R| l{y Yy[p ܻJ.
vv Ryvnz{zp ~vyY R yc p{p ~op{z vN ~op{zp z R t{l, l{l ~vyY ~c{v n~ yf{z Rjh{zp z R t{l, tn R| Rp{yjx Yy [p Rl.
cpr{yj rayY {ryx xl {p vv Yz {Y{p{ l Wv yc p{p ~op{zf vlyK n~ Roy z Rll Y{y RyvjY {p{p ...


p{ {~y {p{p yc ~{ r{ rY| K Ul~{xf SYl cp{ 01 { cpr zYK YMxzx ~{Yx WY{ ~x.

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Rlv ໃ pGf{ [p
~Y pK rz~xf np{pp

yjy Ury pp pt Yl { yrxz 1000 pGf{ RYyxfv vjx Y {c vnz pGf vy[v, v[v, ylvzp, Yftnn, p[[h, rxpnz { rn|{z ~~yjx {p t{ Rryo rY}j nrMlKplN {c vnz R|x rY| Yyx.
vv Rl yrxz 1000 pGf{ {c Rpnp vjx v ~Ktpoxp ~Y rf r~[x Rryo rY}j nrMlKpl{ ~p rn[zxp ~N npY RlRh[{f [p zt Rly X{p ~p {c n~ pGf 200Y rvj vjx Yf Rlx rz~x xx.
Wv ~ Sl rn|{z cpl{ K ~Ktpoxp z~ R{opx xv Y ...



vn ywYy lyjxY vy
~YYy r.~. n r vyf

tKtzrx v yx h cY lyjxYf ry X vn [z{ vy K ~nxYf ~Ktpo rop ~YYy { rz~ Y~lrz{yx r~[x ~Yy R { ~ nxtoxY l{p {zYh tpop[yx lY}xf rl Rl.
tKtzrx Kx ~mpxf [z [~ t{ xp h lyjxY tq [~ |z r~Y tz ~x vv rz~ zox Xf rzzp ry p t{f anp Wzz { Rly, v yx Wzz { Wv r ry l{p Wv h lyjx x [z x [x t{f ~Y Y. K ~nx ~Ktpoxp ջx ~Y} r{ Srl Yy .

rY} r WYvlN {pl yol{ f
ycx ~p v{yj [p [fv Uzz]px v yc vo rY}[ Rxp rD v, rY}x òxYp vMnpx v, Rl Yyj [jp{Yf yox r Yyp rY}x r WYvl{ ~p r{l{p {pl yol{ f (~) r~{yN Yw YKtz rѻx r{lvf xlx.
rY}x r RrY}Y cpyz ~yl p~Y vl vpv WY~l cY rY}xl, cpl vY ..

r. ap~Yyp {p{f W~. Ryz~ rl YM
Yyf cpl ryvj pxY Ru{rrl . ap~Yyp vl[ x{p ryrrh { rMzKpl R~px {p{p W~. Ryz~ vl rl Yyp Rlx Wv rY} Ry vM[ xx.
r. ap~Yyp vlf r~{ Wv zx~lN Sxpv ~pp W~. Ryz~ vl {p Rly A Rp{ Ryz~ vlf Wv R~p {p Rlx p [ppf ܻJ.
ap~Yyp vl[ nx rtq R{~p Yfxl f (~) r~{yN lz{Yz r{lN.

~yl p~Y r{l cp{ 7 { Wn
rY}x r RrY}Y cpyz ~yl p~Y vl[ cpr{yj rrl rY|px cp{ 07 { WYvf xlx.
rclpl{nx ~mrl v cpl{[ {p lll{x p{zv, x ~vx ~yY}l v { vzY R| ÃrxY rtq{ |} R{opx xv Yyp vv rrl rY|px ~Y~ Rlx K rtq yf Yyj Y{ rY}x r ~popx c}g rY|YxY ~qp Yx.

yc vo tzox f ~f {h Rywx
cpr{yj ~vx yc vo òxlvY {p RYyx rtq{ ~x tzvf rl Y tzox {p fr rrzp zo cxKr GRyD vl f (~) ~f ~x ycY Rywp Rlx p [ppf ܻJ.
v{yj Yv~~ nxppn |pxY vl ~p r~[x ~x vz vv rl v ~ Yyp z. Wv rl v ~ Yl GRyD vl SYl ~x R{~p {p lyl ~x oyx ycY RyKu pv [p n|rzp Y}lx o Ylt R x.

hJ.A.. n ~z{[ R{~p Yfxl Rn
~ cY Rvp ~y~ ~pv Yvy{ rfr~ ~f n~YK r ~Kvpzu c}glv ~pvYy{Y { hJ.A.. n ~z{ vl r~[x 30 { p Ru{rrl x.
~z{ vl[ nx S (03) ~nM| Rxlpx [ p~Y |zN vcp [y{x r~ lprl Yyp ztp Rly r~{y 3.00f tzz Ypll R{~p Yfxl ~ vf xlx.



~vx rz ztp
ܲvz {yx

~{Mopx y yj p Yv Yvxp p[py {y AYzY Yyp ~x. xnox ]p RpoYyxp {~ tj p[py {~xp[ Rp[lx A y yp RzY{l {p r{x. r~[x ~ Rplx Rr [l Y ܲYjvzx x. ܲYjvz ~ܲYYx t lp{z Rr Rn [xv. cpl Rn~{zf ~{p ppv. ry pt RrY}{p, tzryll{p r [x ~p vj ܲYjvzxf xp Xtf Rl RlvY p{p Rl.







th z { K
Rll pll

th z [p |z YltY [hp[ ܻJ. t Rx xpp Ul~{ ~vx thz R~ U~f p[ R t{x. cpl{f Rl R{ynn ztp f z{ Yvf Uz Yvf ~ R t{l t Rx anp Yy. v{yj NY{zn th z rtz vlY{Y t{f rl{ ܻJ.
Rll {|xpv v{ r|pxY ܻJn? Ul~{ ~vx ~t{fv th z S [xn? vx cpl{f nypp t lll{xY nY{ U[ {xn? vx K {~M rvjY r{lj lll{xYn? W~l ppK {~y [jp{Y ~~ r{lp lll{xl vxvn? v{y rvjY |}l{xY tj pK W~ {x Rx? Rllpv Wx ~zY tzx xl Yyjx.
vv lll{x |z}jx Yy [v ~q Rrf UrY {x cp ~Z zZp nrMlKpl{ ~p SYl {~y lp Rll Yl Yyp zn ~Z nllx. Wv ~Z nll{zp Rp{yjx {pp 2007, 2008, 2009 {~y{z Ul~{ ~vx Rl{| Ry {{z z U~ rl { RYyxx. A Rp{ Rrf {n[l [vp y|xYf rvf r{pYv zJ.
v Rrf vzpv ~zY tzppf ~{pp r~[x Yzx vl Rpnzpxf lh p ~z zx. Rll {|xpv ~z z ~Ktpo anp{ l{vl r{. W~ {{l 2007 {~M Ul~{ ~vx ~z ..

cpyz[ ~yv [p voNxY[p r|pxY
cpr{yjxf p vl ~v[ A {p{p Yyp rayY Yfxl n { ܻJ. pYf WY ~vY rvjY r{l{p lv rayY {ryx RyKu Y cpyz ~yl p~Y K {p f pYf ~K nYYf {h Rvlp ~. pllz pxp r~ ~x bpn rayY Yfxl N[{l Y p~Y vl n~KtM 26 { p ~K lpY RvlN x. Yly ~ܲYYx R[z{ll R~px tyzx p[yx r{ ~v Rvlp px {hYfxl Ryw p~Y vl Wp ~poN yj v[v p[y{z r{ ~K nYY n RvlN x. AYtno rY} zxY z~ v[v zH ~ppxY IJh[jx r{ vv zxf rY} pxY yz Yv~ vlf Rvly{ cr rop zYK zp ~z{ n ~Ktpo ~ѻx x.

Rll pll
n|rzp ry rѻx Rllpll p[p ~xp cpl xlxp Vc{v r|p Yyp ~{n vjhrx...


tz ~N npY ~v[ r[jY RKrpp z
lY}j ~Gf{p vjx Y

yrxz ໃ Rlv Rl y pGf v[xl vGf

Rlv Rl yrxz n~ pGf{ Q zY{f p{ l{vl nlp v~xYf{ YzxY [l pl. Wvpv l{vl zYN cp[jxp ~zx xl r~Yf K Rl ໃ pGf{ [p WlyK pvY R{toxY n pl. ~vy Yh{zf K Rl ໃ pGf{ p f vnzzz r{ Uh v tzpp K ~ x xlx.
vpp K pp{lYv nhv Yy[p rfp [l t{ xp Rl ໃ pGf yf vjx K Yf c{yvY rtq{ lyly Yy [vf r~[x Rryo rY}j nrMlKplN {c vnz R|f x{ zt. v R |}v Yyjx {pp K Yf {ryx rfp [p Rll yrxz ໃ pGf{ zY{f p{ v~xY{l [l vf vllp vx.

{p Xy
Xll{ Y[n?
r~[x ~ܻx ly r fzY MrY}Ylv v{j Rv Ullvx A y~ v{ Rl rll {D WY [p tv ~~rp. vf Wpp xz Rlpv Xll{ ppn xz vf p ~Yx xz Upp p xp{.

nYj ~ny cpl{ xrpxf Wp WY RhKtyxY - xrpx p[yrx
W{ rzly {qr Rrf v { vpp, t{, ~ l[v xp t Rx Rrf r{~N W{ rzly z [jp {pf {h Rh t{. (W{, rzly, ~zzy th z rtq ~fpY {pv Rl)
Y~z [ z Rly r{ Y~z z Sl Rh vGfvY r{l. Wv Y~z ûz{Y z y. 40-50l Rly vGfvY r{l. RpY Y~z {M[{z z ~~qpf Wv z [jp Rh z.




lpYp ly[{zxf Spx ~ayxp q rhvY
Q zY òYG rz Spxp ~ayx R rycxp zt W Uj~v v xvfl ry f (cp 4) t[zn| lpYp ly[{zxf ~u[ vf xl x. vv ~ayx |}l{x {px c}g IJhYxp r npYv Spx ~ayx l Y{ M{z IJh z|xl, Wvpv l{ Yf~Y Rtoxpf zYvl ~ Yjhxvf ~u[ p A {p{f p{Y IJhYxp r npY Rn| Yy v x. vz, zy, vyz Rpcz Rtoxp ~ S{l{ R Rly M{z IJh z|x ~ ~pl, Yr[ny, z~l vz[ R|Y S{lf ~ Rl.
Spx f~G ly[{zx 2-0 z~ rycx {j Rr rz WYp ly[{zx n 3-1 z~ rycx v l Rr rz r~tvYf zY R t{ rz x. p{ ly[{zxY RyKux Rr IJhYxpf WYly RlYf anp vp szY pl. x xll ~ Yyp zt {yn{z p{l ~ p{p z~f IJh vf Yfxl vp cx[jxp Yy rxvp v x.
Q zY rz r~[x {~y RyKux WpK vMl r~lp ~ayxp r~{ p{ pxYl{xY ~q YvM ~[YYy rl Yyp ztN W{Yf pxYx { vz cx{Mop lv ~pv lv z~ pxYl{xp S{l v l{. fr pxY vz cx{Mop rYyjx fY zYj Rly p f vox rvjf {h X Napxf rlYy Rp{| rhpxYf rl vf Ul~ Y n vz Sp ~p pl.

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WY~{ nYj R~xp IJh Uz t[zn|x hY p{y cp{ 29 ~f rty{ 08 { nY{ r{lvf xl Rly Rr IJhY IJY{ n p z zx ~pK {p t{ cY XzKrY Yf Ry vM[ r{~x.
yf{z 8Y (~lYyY t[zn|x ~v[p) R[~mpx, ulpx, Spx{, vz{xp, przx, r~lpx Q zY{ ~u[ {p vv nYj R~xp IJh Uz (~[) ~q v{y IJh 23Y r{l{p Rly rmv {l{f R{y 21p r IJhYxp ~q B{y 20-20 òYG ly[{zxY r{lv |}l{xY N. K ~q pf ~u[ {p yf{z Rfv YjhxK Srl {p t{f ~y Yy R t{ r{~.
IJhYxp nn~Yf {h ~u[ vf xl vv ~[ Uz ~q RvYp hzM zxp 2.3Y xnvY vf ~ {p Rlx nYj R~xp IJh Uz ~oxY Yf{ r{~.

vzz IJh lY}Y zo rY}jx cp. 09
Q zY vzz IJh ~[vx ~Yy lY}Y zo rY}jx ztp cp{ v~ 09 { p Yw, vp{y, xrpx, tzz, rppy{, vly ~ {Nx{ xp ~ܲYY xY r{lN. vv rY}jx ~q RllK R{~y rlx pzt u[ RrY}YxY {ll SYvp vzz IJh ~[vx lY}Y Yf ~ur .Wz.W~. rMy Rvlp z~ ~[vx pK nx.

YjhxK Y[p{l vf YrzzY p... - r~pp cx{Mop
r~pp cx{Mop Q zY òYG rz l Yh ypp x. X K {p f clply lzx n t npY[ R{opx p[p ~p òYG IJhYxY {x. Spx f~G ly[{zx l ~MmY{ IJh Yf ~x yf rj ~p r~pp r~[x ~y~ ~v[ ~n YltYf WY {x x.
* Xt òYG IJh{f xv {j r~z R{x . YpY cY òYG Yjhxv xcpx Yypp ztx xz l{ n?
vv Rorpx yN vyf{ |~l ~t~xp nzxp. rv{pv {x~ R{y nlpp r òYG Yjhxv xcpx Y. r~{ r{p r, lp r npvxp r xcpx Yyp IJh Y.

YfY rycxY vl [hp[j ~t zYj...
v~ nYYf R~pp YzxY ~~ r{ Spx òYG ~ayx vy Rl. vl tzryll r tq ~fpf R{Mj { Q zY rzf R RlK WYYyp R{~p { vv ly[{zx R{~p rszx {x f~G ly[{zx 2-0 z~ n WYp ly[{zx 3-1 z~ n rycxf rl vx. ly[ nYp xl B{y 20-20 ly[{zx n 1-1 z~ ~v lll{xp R{~p x. K ~xzz v~ {n òYG rѻx Rtoxpf zY IJhYxp r~Yf p{ll Rlyv[ ry rvf n ~ v tzryll p{ lll{x.

 [j ~

r |}l{xp x xl zYj 171 zYj 136 Y K ~nx
Rpp[ rN Yy[ppf ~ { Rp}Yz l{ YlYl Rnn?

R{y lyY ~~v rpܻx rv{x { Rp}Y r[l |}x 5 |x |}l{ u[xp R~vl v rtq v npYfv R {j alx. lv ~MmY z~ u[xf r ~ t{ |{~ Y Rp}Yf K ~ R {j ~l Nnp{.
Rp}Y ~v[ rpܻx WYf S[p[l ly ܻnpYv |}l{x ~vl {. lvpf {h Rorp Yfxl{z nY}l rYf Y ~x ly [p Wv ny{ n Y {.
py RJ[j{Mop vlx Rp}Y Rl ny{p[ 5 |x rpx uy [ylxx. ~x rpܻx ~~~~xp ~Yv |}l{ ~vlp t{f rl{p t{f Rx l |{~xY t. Rp}Y r[l |}x A Rly rvZ x. Wl rsz Rp{ X R~vl v Rxf n Rn[l p x.



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