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zpDx, vzN rYSrr rn| vvpv R xvl ~v[ Y ~opx ~x vz~mpx vz~xN rfvf yjx Yf ܻJ.
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Y pxY ruYyp[ q v{n ~ xx n{y n p ~pp vz~xN x.
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yf Jy[K Uyly ~fpf xY n{zY ~ NYxY pv{ W ~p yjy{p[ ~{Y v~ tzv ~q cpr vpn ycrY} vl r~[x zpD ~ayxY xjx. W cpr{yx, RyY}Y v{ ~p zpDx Rlrl Yy [K Y l~l{p ~p p| Yy rz [x zpD p[yx cz fx Y}jx Yyp Rxy bxyrx YN. xn vr pp cpyz ~yl p~Y vl cpr{yx R~zp ~. - bxyrx: ~nl ~z{

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xn vYl Yzrx Y ~opx rj RrYy{p t{f rl ~p ~z cpl{[ l Urv Rxp ~yY}l Yyp ~ X{p[ ~x Rxp RyY} Yy [p Y ~opxp X{p vn{ [pp t{ cpr vpn ycr} vl ~p WY~l cp[ vzYK{yx[ vjhzY ro cx pKxM vlf pK Rl.
r~[x t~rp Q zY{f r cx pKxM vl ~Yy ry{yN cpr vpn ycr} vl v ~YDb Y Rly t~rp RyY}Y zYK [gux ycrY} vl n v ~YDb Y x.
UlM xnoxf v ~p h cpl{[ l{z ~yY}ll{ ~Ktpoxp ...



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rl ~u v{yjx ~q S{ Rll l{l p xY YzxY {p Rly K ~ rop n|rzp rY}{z rayY Yfxl Slvl Uj~K vj{yY [p Rl.

pyxpp h ~pop ~YDb R~MmYx
SpxN cY RyY}Y Urn|Y WK. Y. pyxpp ~v[ h cY ~popx vpݲ Yjhxv r{l { ~x ~YDb R~MmY Rlx ycx c}g rY|YxY yf Y x.

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xn vYl Yzrx tzp yq{[p ~p ~z {~xp Y ~opx Rly [l { ~ܻx p nYY R { [fK{zp nrM|{x ~nnpY vyv{f rl{ Rlx tn R| Yy[p Rl.

pMN - Q zY yc lpܲY ~tql [p [f vl N
pMN ycx ~v[ l{yfl yc lpܲY ~Ktpol r{l{pp n, pnn xp Yyj K p{z ycx z~ ~zY tzp ~p t{ RjhN c}g rY|YxY yf r{~N x.

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X~GzxN vztMp Q zYxp ~p Y ~opxf yox rp Yfx rMzKpl{ Srf Un]}j r{lK ~nxp r~ W ~oxYxpf Y l{p[p lMcp Wzz vf ...

Spx{f p{ ycxY Wply xnox Rn[p xK Y ~pvY
Spx v v{yjxp tzxf rl{p p{ Rjh{ v[p Q zY{f tzrK YyK Ryvp {px xnox vx v~ 20 lY Rn[p xppx Y pxYl{x ~x ~vYxpf pK Rl.

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~v~l zY vn ry[ ~{ ~opx Yw ~ܲY v ~v{ Rn (19) ry{yN Yw yvn Unpx Wvp y[ rgx r{l N.

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Q zY òYG Rxlpx ~t ~oY ~[vx v[p r{l {j R{y Ul~{x r~[x Yw W~W~~ IJh[px òYG Rly YfN ~ur . W~. n ~z{ vl[ ropl{xp r{l .







SpxN Ryxv vN R~yj{j nv ~popx
UlM xn vxK ~Ktpoxp nv cY ~popxf Rll NaplvY ~m{yx. Wv ~popx vpݲ{yp rMzKplN l, Sp rfll Yyp xp n{z{zp X{p[ Napx rnpv YvYx lyK [l x.

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pv xcp ty [p v~ nYYf rvj r~ r{l{p t~py bpn ~fp K {p f R{~p Rxyf rj Rl. A ~v K {p f bpn ~fp ~p Uj~K ܻJ.


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{~y [jp{Yf ry UY~ Y ShK UY~ Jy [pp{ lt W rzx{l [{ [ppf p lyp vlp rfp p{p rx~z[ jx R~ U~f p[[x.


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fz pf{z {x~Y ryY {[ rpjf K vp~~x 18 YzzYp - zz Yzylp Y rY}YxY xx
t~py rl ~u v{yjx rayY {ryxf r~[x 13 ~ 14 np xj R{y {h{ ~ vq S~t{Y ztjx.

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clply Un]}j

r~[x ~x l clply cpvo{z R{opx xv {j rop ~K lpY x. rv {pp {x z{ rtzlv l~l{ ~opx z~ ~zYj Y ~opx, vzN {y {M[ ûz fM 20 Y xn vYl Yzrxf Yf v x.

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Yly y[ny {zf Sp Y S[z [xx. vfv R~j Y[ k y[ny {~xpf n R~jx.

Y l~l{p R~Y ny{p ܻnpY Rl p{npY ~p z~ vy v
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v yfv R{y ~xp Rz tl Yp n{~Y, ~v {Y ~x ~ny ~p p{ npY np Yf v tl Yppf ~N xx tllz cpl{ Yzrp Yf tj pl.

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~zRl R{ynn Ul~{|xp ~vv ~q ~ [jpY ry ~fv ~pK v nYj Rr ~x np[v rynn.

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Rr ny nnp y Ryp [x {[

Rջx ny{p nnpY Rlynp {j Rnul ~vY ~ [zz [pvzz p[Ypn pv Yh [Kvpx K {p f YKr{p Rz [~ ܻJ.




Rx.r.Wz. ly[{zx n{ òYG v[zx RyL
~z Rl R{ynn zvp r~{ p{ll òYG IJhN Upvnx R Yyp Spxp rxM z[ (Rx.r.Wz.) ly[{zx nYj RrYN Rrz 18 (~p~y) Rywj Rly, R{~p ly[x vx 24 cpp~tM[ {phy~ IJh[jx r{lvf Yfxl x Rl.
zYx ~p nY}lv IJhYxp ~x npv r ~u[ {p vv ly[{zx rmv {yf r~[x {~M SpxN òYG IJhYxpf p{ RylY WY Yyp Rywj Rly ~r IJhYxp { zp~{zf WpK hzM zxp [jp{zf {pn~ v ~ òYG IJh Y}lx {hlv Yltf zY { ly[{zx z~f r~no x.

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~ {ztz yp rnYYv Rr SzYYxx - Rv zp rMy

Wwp nYj R~xp IJh Uz (~) {ztz IJh{p yp rnYYv zt [v WYv RrY}{ t{ Q zY {ztz ~[vx ~ur Rvl zp rMy vl r{~x.
Wwp {~y RyKux t[zn|x hY p{y Rywp 11 { ~ IJh Uz Rr r {ztz rz ly[ {vf xl Rly, Ypl rzf n {ztz ~q R{~m{ zt [vf Rr rtz Ul~xY [p ztp t{ r{~p Rvl zp rMy vl vz~ r{~x.

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htx r{ r~ ~vY y[ ly[{zx r~[x v x. W Q zY rzf lxzpl rz vN 51-17 Y |}f cxY {Ml Y x.

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Yw ycx z xcpx Yyp ~{zYpn ~xyp nr zY}l {}Y tY~ IJhN p[ Wp IJhYxp nnp.
18 zY}l .[K 57 ty rpܻxp ly[ {p Rly, X[ tz ~xy {}Y .[K 54 ty rpܻxp ly[ {x. zY}l K {p f RplM cY tY~ ly[{z ÃrxYfv ~u[ R Rly, r~[x {~M r yc vjhzx x{p tY~ ly[{zxf ~u[ vf n {yK zx.

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cp~l ~{ YyK ~[vx v[p r~[x Q zY YyK ~KKzp vz~mpx r{l{p zn RoY YyK |yl{zx rv Y{z |yl{ zY{~ Rxlpx Rx... pxp~ ~p p [pp zn Rly, Rp|yl{ cY SK tYN y{p cx{Mopf x.
v Ypl R|x ~|} n~YK nY{p Ypl Y{z |yl{ ~v[ Ypl x[z ...

p{ K~ rp ~urܻ[p [~m IJh[yxY ~q ShvY
Q zY K~rp ~[vx p{ ~ur z~ {h uy[l p[Y ~{Mop Rvl yj ~pxY vl K~ rp ~[vx zop Yyp zt vzv ~YDbN K~ rp IJh{ ~q [~m IJh[yxY ~v ~q ~~ ShvY zt vf ryp v K~ rp IJhN Rp[lxf ~t zYjY t{ p{ K~ rp ~[vx zYK apnp rMy yf r{~ x.

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{Ml rf {Ml ltp vyf v nzx

RplM r~z òYG {yx p R{~p R Rly l{l S{ Rll r~z Rly r{l{p B{M 20-20 òYG ly[{zx rv. ~l B{y ly[{zx vl p{ p B{y 20-20 ly[{zx lp Rrf xv nY}x Y{ypx p[l px.

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vp}Y zY ~ ly} lvy xxp {N cz Yq l [z [x ly}[ RKv[ R~ rprfvx. Rx lv ~N rl WY Rlp Rzz[p Xy Yq Wzjl lv ~` xxl ~v[ x [zp RYYf UnN vf xY pztj W~ Yypf [x pK [hf [l lv rlf n Rl{p Syjv {fj ~ x Y.



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