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2009 vMl v~ 15 { S

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c}g pxYxp xY Rl Y pxYx 14 Y v [x ~ܻx vyv{f

rYSrr Y R{~p tzYfN [l { ~x l R { ~fp{zp Yp[ c}g pxYxp x npY Rl pxYxp nlp npY vyv{f rl { Rlx tn R| {l lyly z Rl.
K Rlp WY pxYxY[ R{v`zY vv ~ܻx yܲ YzxY y y~ r{l{ Rlx n tn R| Yy ܻJ. Y n|rzp R| pxYxY {p YYzp n Tf WY { t{f lyly z Rl. r~[x ...


pp{l{ [zp cp [[ vox K {p f Q n rnM|px vp{y n v[N v Sp r{l N. RN y|x rvjY p{ Rpy {~ r{ n rnM|px ~ Urp |no{ vN rynp t{ xpv Y{Mn? oyrl {~ vox n {pnp{f WY{j K ~rp{lp Rrf r~Y Yypp Wv ~lxx.
bxyrx : aly W~. YYy

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vaMx [[pl ~nx
vo ~op rY n

Q cx{Mopry |{nzx cp~Nnp R| ro vaMx oKY [[pl ~pxY vl SYl vMl 11 yܲx ~ {p xp r ~xK ~ppno r~Y ~p ry[p xv Q zY{ l {Mopx {p r{p u}j ~~Yܻx l{l WY {MopxY t{ r{~p Q zY {lx rlYzNp[ ~[vx n~ vo {ryx Rl vo ~op r vv òx{ np NnpxY Yl Yf Rl.
Wv Nnpx v~ n ~qp N.
Rr ~op {l {Ml ...



WzT frh xl 2 Y v uyxf
pN [z{ vf Urx[ Yy [K Ryvp Y ~opx rn { x xp x vy[p vyp frh xl nYY KcM cpyz Yvz [jylp xfl {p 53 {p ~pYxf Rxl x{p ~ uf r~ ~p ~x[p Rl.

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yc p{p ~op ~p {px òxlvY Y WY WY {r {p {pv [p rz RY}jxYf zY Yyvf ycx òx Yyp t{ Rr ~p ~{ ~ vp{ YK Yfxl rtq Rvl vpn ~vy~ vl yf rY| Y x.
K ~q lvp ~p {px xl Yyp zn WY WY ~{Mop {r rtq ~~ly {Ml zt np vp ycx Wv ~op{zf pK p t{ n, Wxf ray {|xp Wv ~op ~p ~Y~p zn {Ml pf ycxf z R t{ n Rvl{yx ~qp Y x.

~Y U~~ Rorp ~v{ 26-27 zfp fzx
~Y yf{z U~~ Rorp Rv{yp[ zYK{yp[ ~v{ vMl v~ 26 27 p{z Yw zfp fzx r{l N.
U~~ Rorp zYK{yp[ ~v{ 26 r{lN. Rvl ~v{ 27 R[v ylp~ YvpxY vl[ ropl{xp RyKu YM.

~z cpx Y [jxp vn{pp Urv Ul~ nyp{ - zxK Y~
xn [fK r{p rn|{z {l{p ~vp h cpl{[ ~ Rx{~YK Uzz]px Yyp X{p [p [fv tzp ~x rzp rn|{z yq{ [vf WzT ~opx [p xp òx r{lf Wy{ lp rMzKplN Urvxp Yfxl Yyp t{ vyff r lp rMzKpl xl zxK Y~ vl cpr{yxf pK ܻJ.

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Yw p[yx ~ l~pp rn|{z ~{p ~Y Yfxl ~K l~l òxYyYK yG RyY}{ Yy tzrp ~ly rtq{ ~vp cpl{ {p lyly zt [v ~q ~ RvlK RYxY z~ yYmp RY 114 ~mrl Yy Rlx Q zY xn v vz~mpx Nnpx Yyx.

p~p Rly ~l[j{l ~Y
S vGfK ~f r vGfv nY{ ~yYv, {a{ yc R ~vcxY v { R{Y ~Y [p Yl{, K. X yl nxppnx.
cY cz ~Krnp cz r{p vjhzx v[Ypn òxlvY {p ~{Mop AYYx xy X..



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rn[zxp 9054 npY[p yrxz zxp 26 Y lprl {|xp WYl Yy[p Yy R vz {a{ rtq{ y~ rz~x ~ z~ rY}j r{l{ pv t{ lprlYy{p {p{p r~p ex RYyjxf rz Y.






R uyK r{l Rv rfN Yyj vvx!
cY r|pxf ~Ktpo ry nYYv r~[x ~ܻx ~ x. Wx UlM RMtnx ~K òx{zx WYly RYyxY YhSvY z~ r[pp ~ vv Yyj{ Yy n~ n~ vo{z |} R{opx xvx. v nYpf ztp l{l |}l{xY {px vv ry nYfv WYv n|rzp YjhxvY ~Ktpo vx. A f ~N {~yYf ry WzTxp Y [x YjhxvY ~p rf{ [p zt nv vcp vY Y ~opxx.

2004 ~popxf R~p 59 Wcrxf R~p 39
2009 ?

zYN v cp[pxp lpp WYYf R~pp ~Z{Y {~p t~py rlf yG n|rzpx l lp v S {n[lYvY N. yG v RMYxp ~xxf ܃Yf {h { xYl{xY ~rxp t~py rl yG vo ul{ {v rl n N. RpY Rlf ~z nv v~zK cp ol{x n t~py rl l rz{ Y [ppf ztx. K ~xzz ~v[p tzp f Sx r{l{p t~py rl ~u v{yjx yG S n|rzpxf R|x yjlvY z~ tzrpp { v{yjxY v x.


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nx pp rl - vy h[l R~ YKr R{~p ~v yllyp RKv!

A {p f R[p~ rpp RKv rlY[l xxp nnpY[l v{ t{f rl{ ~x x. Rx[ {yp nnp WY{ ~zzK Yyp f zY rl[ lx vYppf l{l ~ylz rlY ~x pK xx Rx ly ~l{ x. r ny{ Y{ l{p Rlx xp Rn~ ly Rx[ ~lf {n pp x.


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p[py p{nx ~v[ ycx RrY}{ {x yf ~zp ~{x r}jx vx. pvl r~[x Ypp{z R { RY {M}{ RpY r~p R { x`x ~ R~{pp ~xxf r{Y rvj p| [xx. K ~ ~ {x xl ~ry òx{zx X~~ cpl{[ Y~ [pny { vx. vx Rr yff rvjY p{ zY rvjxp ~{p {~pxY t{f rl{ ܻJ. [ Yzp{ v~ ~v zY Ry RMtnxYf r{ l x x.

Rv vpn pzp Jyj vy[p vyp tKt ryx
SYl R`y{ x lrz z ~pn| Rvl vpn F~Yy vlf Ylv |} xY {x pl.
ycx {h n{~Y { Wp Xf |} YfxllY ~q vly xppf xl{ t. A Rp ~{Y ~ p{ p pxYlv[ cpv px ~vy vly RY~~, [hrѻx r{l{j cY zn-Up-p Ul~{xf ~u[ vfx.

rx RfY xYy ~fpp r~ Y [jx t RyY}Y {zz Rzzx
pp p R xp lv tzYf p{l Rlrl Yy [K R{~p v ~z~vY zyp~ ~{MjK xp ~ppno Y pxYxp nnpf r~[x ~ܻx r{ .

YrrKYy{pf zzY { r vz YY
x c {M} r x Rn ~zx. {p zzxY ~ rx ~ Rx[ Rllf Yh nv rjx yno Yf Rl. U~p r~z xppf {~p rfl {j Rx[ ~z ~yy v {x ry UyxY nv ܲYjvz p[yx xY Yp{Y nv [~ xx.




òYG, ~p~ WYY p{x
Q zY òYG Rly YfN p{ ~ur .W~. n ~z{

r - Q zY òYG Rlv Rly Yf ~ur{yx Xtx. Xt Yvn K lplyf rl {j?
r - vvx. r~[x 2008 R{ynn cp{x Sqz Rr r~z òYG xj K {[v R[y cprlv vf r{y{. A Rp{ zY{ {G xp r~z òYG xj{ ~q Y xl n{z Rr R{to Yy [ll. r~z òYG xj vf pK xlz r~YK xj v ~ R{|l{Yx xp Yyjx Rrf W lyj. A {p{p R{| Yyp òxvM[ Rh{p ly{ r~[x Yzx Rr òxlvY Y. v r~zYfv vp WYY pp.

Ypl òYG IJhN Tlzx
X~GzxN Wv ~Kr~p

òYG vl{yp[ IJh{ x. Wl vl{y lyvfv n~YK nY{p pp{yn òYG zYx ~. X~Gzxp cY Ypl òYG YjhxK Wv v[G ~Kr~p pv ~lp IJY{ W{px.
òYG rѻx lp SxN nY}l rp{p Rx[ rtzlv Rx pK rtz t{p~M rp{x. |}xp v ~Kr~p rtq ~ly Yyp òYG ayYxp Rx p{ npp zYx {v N[xp rp x{p IJY{Y z~f x. R[ N[{lv rpN N[x rxf ûzfM 118 Y rvj {x.
~Kr~p òYG IJh{ RyKu Y Slv tz R{x x. Rx Yh Yzx R[ {~ Srf rfv[ òYG IJh Y r [f{p[ Yjhxv R[ lx rmv òYG rz x. A rtq{ R{Mcpx Yyp ~Kr~p v~ k R{ Yyp x.

tzryll ~p { Rr Ypl òYG rz Sxf [p xvf pK
Q zY Ypl òYG rz B~GzxN ~H p{y r{l{p p{ { zY Y~zp òYG ly[{zx tzryll ~p ~r x {fxp S{l Rn (vMl 15) ry {xpf rvf xlx. v{y 4 { {yf zY Y~zpxf vj p Rr Ypl rz rmv {l{f ~r x {fxf (Super six) p~~ ry rv ~H p{y ~p Rr zYx vl Yyp zt Rly vv lll{x ~~lv RrY} Yyp pzt.

ù~{H òYG S܃~x rx rl pxYl{ {Ml{Y!
{M}Y v òYG ly[{z WYv z xcpx Y rx rlp ~nyx Bp lyK vyf ~. pvl v òYG ly[xY YjhxvY vx { rx rlp pK ~px Rl R`z [jfl Rh{. vp{y ù~{H nzx oMvyc nzx Rly r{l{p v òYG ly[{z S܃~x rxY rlY WY r~zY pxYl{x y R{~m{Y ù~{H rz n~p f ry {Ml ptjl v{y A S܃~x Rlp zxppf azl oMvrv ~pp ~.

Yz v ~fp 25-26
Yzx Q oMvzY zl, [yYz zl Rly 21 { {yfl r{l{p {M}Y v òYG ly[x vMl v~ 25 ~ 26 xp np l Yw RM. rv~ clply òYG IJh[jx r{lN.
Yzx rn|x rvjY p{ [Kr ~ܲYYx n rop r r~z nYY {p vv nz Rly v òYG ly[x K {~M Slv Uj~K vj{yY [p Rl. v{y oMvzY rz pxYl{x nypp r~{ {~M {Mjzu IJhYxY {p y|Y voy[ rMy x.

Ypl òYG zY Y~zpx
R{~p{pl SyjvYf vj p Q zY rz Ur pxY{

vz cx{Mop[ pxYl{xp xl Rr òYG rz YnN rl r{ R{~p zY Y~zp ly[{zx Rr rz ~ fr pxY v{p Rlrll Slv R{~p{pl IJhYxY t{f rl {x x. A ~ ly[xY IJh vf pzt x. ~ RtoxY Xf p{{n ly[xYf IJh Yyp IJhYxp 11 np Rlyf WY pYyp zn x.
K p{z X~GzxN ~H p{y r{l{p 9 { zY Y~zp Ypl òYG ly[{zx n Sl Ru[ ~Krpp SyjvYf vj p Rr Ur pxY a ~pylp Rn Rr Yl pxY{ {x v{p SyjvYf zY Y~zpx vj p rmv Q zY IJY{ vx {p x.

 [j ~

z rMv ryK Y {ynY ~
r |}l{x ~vl {zl l{vl nk{K p UK}!

zY S~YzYf xp ~px UK}[ l R {ppf [ll r Yzx rfpvx. X S[p [ppf nY}x A nY}Yv UK}f RN Rvly rp [~ A vllv {~ vl pN. Wx Xf Urpv ztj nY}l{. v r~z {yxYv rpܻx rv{x RpY ny{pf {h rpܻx Sxp ~ppf A nY}Yv Xf UnN ppx.



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