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2009 cp{ v~ 25 { S

y YMl ]lp llY
lppYp vl[ vj R~ UvY n ~ Rl - Yw cY yz RoY}

y r{lrl rop YMl Urz lppYp vlf r~[x ~Yy U~p ~xK ppp vy r~Y ~p Slvl Rvp}Y z~ ry lntz z~ l{z ~ Yf ܻJ.
K vy r~ lppYp vl[ vjf, ~yyf ~ l{zf r{zp nyj z~ ry ܻtp t{l, ryxp l{z zt lppYp vl[ vj R~ UvY n ~ ܻtp t{l Yw cY ...


y rop YMl Urz lppYp vlf xlyr{zp r rnh vy r~Y ~p ry pp r~[x ~Yy ry{yN x. K Wv ryxp lntz z~ l{z zt Urz lppYp vl yz [l Y R{~mN [l bxyrx. - bxyrx-aly W~.YYy

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lylyY npp pK vf v Y~ Yypp - rz~r
y rop YMl Urz lppYp vl vj p ~~Y vy ryx [p lylyY npp RxYf pY{ MpY{ 2446174 xp Y~ RYxf lvp {l rn[zY{v Wv lyly zt vf ~z~ R t{ rz~r cxpl Yvylp vl y S ~[xf rY| Y x.
y YMl{yx vj p vv Rvp}Y vy ryx ~Ktpoxp rY}j r{lvf |} rz~ YjhxK nYY cpr xvxp rl Yf ܻtp t{ n rz~r cxpl ...



rz~ vz~mpxf yf ryYxp[ xlyr [p lyly np{pp
r~[x 23 { ~Yy ry{y 6.30 l 7 l Rly Yzx Swz[h Swz[h x[h vM[x [{~j ~YYfxl xly r [p ~xK lylyY npp RxYf Wv lyly rz~ vz~mpxf (2421111) y r{lrl Rxlpxf (4708888) xp yYmp RY{zf pK x{ Rl.

]lp ll n
ry rfr~ ~p rn[zxp Rr SYvp Yyp{ - vܲrz ~~p Rv

y r{lrl YMl Urz lppYp vlf Wzz {j ryx Q zY n~ rY}x {p{p vpv ycx {p{pl Rr ~KrMjxpv np{.

K RryoYyxp {v x v{f [ppp - ~~ RllpxY - W.c.r v zYK
y r{lrl YMl Urz lppYp vlf Wzz Yyp zn vy ryx WY~l cY rY}x lyx np{. voNp {l Wzz {j rv ryx vx p{x.

K Yvpljx rfr~ ~p cܻx ~lyp yff Y xlx - Bvzr ~ul
S y ~[x rop YMl Urz lppYp vlf vypY vy ryxY Wzz Y t{ p [vp Rr ~ Yp[f{f rl {jv.

vy ryx nv - rclpl{ rc{ ~q { vo Rxlpx
y r{lrl rop YMl Urz lppYp vlf Wzz Y vy ryx ~vY rclpl{ rc{ ~q {p vo Rxlpx (MDP Worldwide) lyx n.

~nxf ~Ktpo Rx v ycx {[vY - ppnp [jzY - cY n~ ryvj v zYK
KY v Yp[fxY ~nxY. f ry ~{j vof ~Ktpo {j ~K nY K ~v Rly ~KtpoxY ܻtp t{ rp{.

n~ {lvf ܻtp Rxxf lMcpxY
y r{lrl YMl Urz lppYp vl Rn (23) Un ~x r{lrl Rxlpxf xv ~q [Kr Swz[h {~ ~f {pxp [vp Yyp ~x xly r nYp r ~N npY[p xl vy YjhxvY v[ y~Yy {px y q nv A vlf Uz Rxoxp Rp,

{px Rrf R {jl Ryvnl p!
Wly Y xlx {p Y pxYxpf n Yr

{pv TK ycxY ~q t{ xp xyrx ~p nv cYxp[ clply {|xp vnz WY~ Yyp ~ Y xlxpf K {p f zn xn rycxp vN W~ Roy p xyr yf{z ~p Rx[ tzrK Wzz {ppf rfp [p Rlx tn R| l{y Yy[p Rl.

~fp yvxY R Yy n|rzp ~vY Szzpp - Yyj Spx ycxf tz Yyx
Q zYN RyY}Y v ~p pf ~Yy[p xp xn vxK ply Yf ~fp yvxY R Yy SYvpv n|rzp ~vY zt np z~ Q zY ycxf tzrK Yyp vp lzph v Rv RK. Yyj vl Spx vov Rjh{f R{~p NnpxY Yl Yf ܻJ.



|}gYyj p{p tnf vp{ YK ztj
Yw r~z lpYv ǹvpY{Y ~ ~zY tn p |Z{Y

v{ Y~ r~q n~v~Y [{ Yz xz tz W np ny{ v{ nlp Wyp yp ûyp, y~ p [ll x.






WzT ~opx ~t pxYx Y{n?
Q zYN Uly p[py RMtnx rtq ~qp {p ~v R{~m{Y v ruYyp [ pv lp ~xf Wx. Rx Rr ruYyp WzT ~opx pxYx xx r[pp? t np WY fv X pxYx xx lpv r[p Rl. v[ rYzrpx {px ~xK YpY ~l {|xpv vv ~Yzrpx p |z}jx Yl ruYyp WzT ~opx pxYx tN WlyK lp `p nxY p{p t{x.


y YMl ]lp ll [p Yl{yp[ Rn~..
K ~nxp ~ YKrpxf rl{z Spp. y rop YMl Urz lppYp v[ ~rlv |{~{plv l}xY. X { ~t vlvxYf v{p ryxY Wzz v rYzp Rr~nxp np{.

~lx p [v Yfl Rux[xY
K ~p ryx Wzz Y A rnh ~pZxp Y{n?

~Yy x Rrf |rzl xY x. R{~p{pl xY x. Wxf l{ {x ~Yy ry{yNv R~ppf ztj Slvl Ru[ ~Krpp, RprY}l r{lxx.
y r{lrl rop YMl Urz lppYp vlf ~xK ppp vy r~Y ~p Slvl Rvp}Y z~ ry l{z Yy rz xv A Ru[ ~Krpp r{lxx.

WzTx nyj ryn vN ruYypf Rl{p Syjv YvYn?
UlM |z u rn|xY ry {rl{ t WzT rzp rn|x n{~p n{~ z K vl {p f X{p[ Rrlx Yh rn|xYf rvjY ~v R Rxy x Y. vzN ~ܲYYx {pply rn| yj f WzTxf S{ Rll l{l [K ÃrxY rv.

{Mlvp RvYN Rp[lx [hp[pp Rlx RnM|xf [v -  RvYN 44 { cpr {yK K Uz xx
v Rn v r ~pp Rr Sx r{p YMxuyx rtq{ lv Yv. v Yy nY{p zn |{~xf Yle {. yf {p{p Rr[ vlpllp Yyp zn ~{x ~l oyjx Yy [. Rr[ cpl{ {p{p cpr t} vl Y ~{xf vpv, ~x rn Yzx l nY{p zn ~x[xfl X[ rl[|z u{xfl vv Ylel{ r Yy.

zop[ p~zz {hf {[xpp Y{n?
|}l{ rsz R k Rn p{p ay

ny{Y[ S[K rv{ Yhzz v{pp r {~M x. A |}l{ u[x. RlK ny{ K Yhzzp rp cx zt ~p~. RlK ny{ Yhzz rp [l p{ rycx k {f. Nxp[h [h ay l}y cxzl xx n 2008 {~M K Yhzz rpp x.

[zz rnn zt {~y 38Y zpDǻx [l Y [prp{z vz~y vy{
vz~y vy{p[ [v nYjx. [zz [prp{z Urp vzzx{h l~ {x~ R{y WY [prp{z [oyvx r x. A 1944 XYltM v~x x. RKtzp[h |~lnx r{p R{y RfY vz~y x Rorpx zt.

Yq{y ~~Yܻxp vn{
{px ~z {~xp l l {~{z yq{x

vzN ~ܲYYx R{~p Y tzYf RYvjx Yy Y [jx ~y ~p ~z {~xp v [K R{~p vxK K {pf òxlvYx.

cY ~ r{y n|rzpxf YH xvY p{x
cpl [f Ypp ~K rop Ryvj ry Yy[p cY ~ r{y pK ~opxY rf{ ܻJ. W òxYxY {p e vz tr[ ~v[ y S ~[x Y YltY v~ r [~x.




òYG rrzp RMtnx Xh{x n?
òYG vo YvpYy rf{ ~ N

Q zY òYG rrzp RMtnx lvl p~qp zYj vl{p r{p RlM Q zY òYG Rxlp vo YvpYy }p rpp vl {v Wv lplyp r~[x t~rp (cp22) ~f S{l Yyp zt t{ Q zY òYG Rxlpx Nnpx Yyx.
r~[x cp{ v~ RyKux fr Rly Yf ~ur RMcp yjl[ vl[ p{ rlvp v~ 4 p rvj r~{ cxpl oMv~ rzp x[x ~ vo YvpYy ~vpl Rz[v ~x S{l vp {h uy[l }p rpp v~ 8Y YzxY Wv ~{x x ~x Rly X {p {y vo ~[xp Ãr npY ~v[ xK RMtnl R Yy [l t{ n py~.

zx ~Y} IJh S܃~x p{ {Ml{Y lt
13 x y zY~

Q zYN vlY  { R nY} òYG rYy{ Rypn n ~z{ ~p vlYxf WY {pp Yw .W~. ~ppxY nzxx. òYG IJh Y}lxp Rypn n ~z{ xK MxY z vl{f [p Rln, A ~vp Ruvpxp .W~ vl{f [y{ tvpx [p nppf ~Y} IJh Y}lx cx Y p{p y zY~ r~[x ~vl Rl.
SpxN appx p{y r{l{ R~xp Y}g ~Y} ly[{zx {x~ R{y 19p r ly[ S~N{ xfl IJh vf zY~ ~~YK zt{ n, X l{vl r~ {pp {x~ R{y nlp vGfKx. Q zYN ~Y} ly[ S܃~x p{ {Ml{Y z~ K lll{x ~zx t{ IJh ayYxp[ Rn~ Rl.

Rly YfN RynM| òx ~ tHpfp IJh{ RplM
Q zY tHpfp ~KKzpx Rly YfN RynM| òx l{p tHpfp IJhYxpf K p{z zY xY ~{p t{ yf {Ml N.
r~[x cY |yl{zxp r~{ (n~KtM 22) Rn nY{ cY rj ~lx IJhY IJY{pf rjK Yfxl RyKu p Rly K ~ cY ~lx rjK p{ IJhY IJY{p vl Rr~l{pf rl R t{ Rp{yjx N. cY rjYy{pf {fr zt pv ~ܲY ~[K{zf R{| vnz rrnp zt pv n YzxY ~f ~{pp. f Sl n IJhY IJY{pf rjK Yfxl{z tHpfp IJh{f x [pp vz
(Shuttle Cocks) r{ xYy{ p R Rly p{ Rly Yf{ r r~{ zY ryFy nh{ n IJhYxpf IJh{f xrlY p{t{ t IJhYxp X{p[ nvNrxp r{~.

vp cY {ztz |yl{zx
Uly - p[py rl ~v[p YjhxK 3000 Y rvj v{y ly[ K

n|x ~v[vY z~p Rr cY IJh{f Rlvf zv u[xY Yf ~zY cY {ztz |yl{zxf Rp[Yl{x vf Yvll p t{ ~zp ~YG ~v[K ~v RoY} vpv {q Rz ro ppnp Yv[ vl r{~x.
lp{p {yfl vpǔ cY {ztz |yl{zx ~q Rp[Yl{x ~rxp vv rop {ztz ly[{zx v{y YjhxK 3000 Yf {h ~u[ vf Sh R t{l, yrxz zxp 15 Y rvj v{y ly[{zx {hYfxl ~q xnK vf vp ~YG ~v[v Srl R t{ n ppnp Yv[ vl {yfl r{~x.

Rr rz ~fpYl{x [y{x Y [v
Q zY t[zn| WYp ly[{zx Sl xj z~ R{~p v Rr Y~{l tzryll p{ nx. f rmv Q zY-t[zn| òYG ly[x R{~p {x Rr rzf Sl r~ cx[j ~v[.
Y~ {{n ~x yf{z p òYG IJh{ Rp p{ lY}jx ~v[p ryf xvl ~v[ t[zn|x n WYp IJhN ~p Sxf rj R t{ ~Y}l {x t[zn|x Rr ~v[ v Y { ly[{zx ly[Y t{p v vl ~v[x.

Q zY òYG ~xf hxz[ Srl N
K p{z r{l{p r~mp òYG ~ayx ~f RplMcY ly[{z lpY ~q Rp[x Yvf hxz[ fzYK ~v[v Srl R t{ hxz[ ~v[K ~v {q ro p}H rMy vl r{~x.
Y{nl cY IJh{pf Rll np hxz[ ~v[v yG r{p RMY lllx vox {{n òYG IJh{f Rll vf rv IJh Rv [ zY[ vl {lvp Q zY òYG ~ tzo W~. zxp[v vl r|~ rn Yyp zt Rly M] Yzp ~tql{Y hxz[ òYG Rly r{v ~lff l{Y {p t{ n rY| Yyp zx.

t[zn| rp x{ppp nj[~{ vyz[ rll
òYG IJhN avlYycpY t{ vp{ n nY{p Q zY{ t[zn|x Rly lpYp òYG ly[{zx R{~p ly[x rp 11Y S{ x xj z~ cx [vf Q zY rz ~vl x.
òYG ly[xY yjx R{~p rp{ nY{ yjx Y p t{ pv ~pm Yyp v { vv ly[x Yjrf [~vf {x z{ ~r n`rp x{pp { vllxx vyznyp[ ~|} rYyjx l{.



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