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2008 n~KtM v~ 14 { S

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Ypf rY}{ yol r{lv [p rx 72 Y l rf{p x[xY
K p{z Spx{f [~ ~p nv cY ~popx rMzKpl vpݲ WK. Y. ~{z[K vlf rx 72 Y Rll yp rf{p z~ Spx vov ycx ~p x[ Yf Rl.
Spx ycx ~p lpK Yf R WzT ~opx {p{p SpxN r~no ~K{z Yl v, WzTxf rY}{ r{ yol{pf ~u[ v ~Ktpoxp Spx tzop vv rx{y [p Rlx p{zz vo {Ml Yyx.
~{z[K vpݲ{yx SpxN nv TK l{p ~p ...


yy l~l{nxp yf v [K ~fp cx [p yny v{p ryvj [n {xp ~v rlp v A ~fpf Uyvf ܲo v{pf lyjxp tq{ [v n ~{p r{. A Rp{ AYz [{p v Yq{M r{ RoY [{p ufxp tq{ [K R{~m{f pp n~p r lyjxp ~ly[p yf Jy [K cY v{yf WY {ppf r [~ ~ Rpnv y Yvy Yax ~fp {x K RYyxf x.
bx:- aly W~. YYy

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rop n|rzp rY} v{yjxf ~pvY pv xcp ztp ~ܻx...!
{xw ~ vov rl ~u ~y{ vl ~v[ K {p f rop n|rzp rY} ~xzzYv zzx rl rzp v{yjxf ~pK {p ܻJ.
K rl rzp v{yjx {p{p WY~l cpl n~ ~popxp vxK Yf{Y rl Yf R Rly R[v ylp~ YvpxY, t~z ycrY}, vܲrz ~~p, vz ~rz n ~z{, ~~z rvcxpl, . v. cxylp, hz~ Rzrryv, A. WD. WK. {~ R v Rv{yp[p ~vpl r~Y Wxf rlYf ܻJ.
K Rly WY~l cY rY}x n v{yjx {p{p pv xcp vjhzxY rlYf Rl. yYvp ~ppxY, ~~ ...



lz ~~m{ Yr v{f
zY Zc lz [l ~~m{ `v rMzKplN r {ry rtq YyY ~u{ (Yr) v{f Yq{p Rlx W Ry vM[ r{~x.

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{p Y tzYf v [vf ycx v Ryw R R{~p ~fp p{l{ Q zY ycx ~fp yvxYf x xl t{f Spx ycx z{ tzrK vf Y ~opx xnp nv cY ~pop vpݲp ~ nnp Spx{f xK ~pvY r{p t{ tn R| l{y Yy[p Rl.

9 { ryY ~pYxl {p ~fpf ~pK
{p ~fp ~q YMx ~oY tYx 05 pp l{l Rl ryY ~pYxY Ryvf xn vr pp cpyz ~yl p~Y vl rx{y [p Rl.

p{ ~v[K ܻxp
zxr pY ~v[K 2000 Y R{z[ YM

p{ ~v[K x xfl Rp zxr pY ~v[K 2000 Y R{z[ Rlx ~v[K y~fM . Y. GRyD vl yf rY| Y x.

~popxf ~x v [p cr yj Wp ~ܻx
Wwp rl rzp v{yjx WY~l cpl n~ ~popxf ~x v rtq{ cY n~ ryvj R{~p yjx ztp ~ܻx r{l{p Wv rY}x vov YyY ~u ~K [p Rlx {Ml N.

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rl rzp v{yjx {xw rl ~u{f v Rv RrY}YxY ly [v ~q rop rY} nYv [f{Yf vj r ܻJ.








~Y ~v xnvl xnoxf x{ pK ....S{yx
l~l{nx Rl[ nvp ~Y W܃~Y [~K {Yn, v{Yn?

ycx xp r Rn Rr Spp yy l~l{nxf Wy{ [p xp ~fp cx[jxp R{~p Yyppf vxKx. K RlM ~fp yvxYf ShY ܻJx Rr cpr{yx Yl Yy tzppf Spx n| Rv{yx Q zY{f W{p t{Y Spx R[v{yx lv v{f r lzph v Rv{yxf x ܻJ.

K vl Ypf al ~YxY ~fp yvxY {[v uy [pp Spx{ ~pK n?
UlM ~fp v yjlvY rN|xYf [vp Yyn, ~fp yvxY R vf x{Y ܻJ x ~x tzK Ryvjp Spx n| Yfxl Rv rpJ vZM vl Q zY{f rjp t{f r { {Ml yf l ~xK RpnzpxY R Yy ܻJ.


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Urpv l R {jl... Rtl YYzp l Rp RYy zxp r lpY[ lx tq Yy vn?
Rrv RlY rxY Rrf Yx lyK {p{ x ppp A{f ~xK RtnxY ~ {hY rY Yy [ppf t { fx.


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r [zzpY l ny l npY[ r{zY !

R~ Y Yy[p v {~ Rn zx. R 20 Y 30 Y Sp R {yxp Rlf W rn ny[l px.

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nYj rl z N[xp ry xp .B.~ (VOC) Rvl{Y [p Rppf ztj K Tx rMx.

Yw pllz R{y R~x v{yl...!
Ywf Ul~{ ~x U {pp p{Ktyx. ~lz U{r v~x Wwp pllz {l F~lvp[ Ulrlx ~vvf Yw lj{ v Sp ~pK {.




òYG lK YfN n rrlx
Rr òYG IJhN RMtnl pp p {{p t{ rz {px rrzp RMtnl vpv IJhYxp[ [f n ~zt x. vv lll{x {hl S~vl {px lK Yfxl{z nY{p n r{l l{.
~KtJN WYp òYG ~ayx v vl ~v[ K {p f Wwp t[zn| ~ayx ~q cY òYG rz f~G ly[ ~ WY p ly[ ~q pK Yy Rl. W Rr yG ~ {x f~G WYp ly[ xp nYfv WYv YjhxvY pK v x. Wl Wn A lll{x {p~ Rl. Rllfv WYp f~G xp nRYyxY òYG t{ pK rzx. Rn f Rlpv WY Rll B{y ~~-20 òYG ly[{zxx. ~x ~vY òYG ly[{z n p Rl.

rmv {l{f RplM r~z vp B{M 20-20 ly[{zxY
rmv {l{f vp Rp[x nY{p {x~ R{y 19p r RplM r~z òYG ly[{zx ~q B{M 20-20 òYG ly[{zxY ztp Rrz v~ r{lvf Yfxl x R t{ Q zY r~z òYG ~[vx ~ur RaMx R|Y ~p {[ vl r{~x.
~ [{pz rayxY ~ yr{ rayxY lp {hl l{l vf xl B{y 20-20 r~z òYG ly[{zx lp r~z IJhYxp {hl {lxvx lll{xf rl vf òYG IJhN avlYyx {hl Xr pvl ~q v{y ~zp ~YG ~v[K vp Rp[x zt np t{l A lp v{y RplMcY z[ ~l B{y (B{y 50) ly[{zx {hl RMm{l {p t{ r{~p vp ~YG ~v[K ~v RoY} {q ro ppnp Yv[ Yz{f Y{nl t vp {p òYG IJh{f np ztp ~x Sx q RxcpxY {p t{ R{oyjx Yyx.

vnKr ~ppxY ・zp .W~.Rx. {ztz |yl{zx ~r nY}l
"Wzz { anp{zf Rr p rly |yl lyY zvx"

vnKr ~ppxY z r~[x v{f rl {j .W~.Rx. ~rM ~rMG~ r~z {ztz ly[{zx |yl lyY p [p nY}l Yv ~|} ~vY x.
vv ly[{zx zY {ztz S܃~x rmv{yf WYv r~zY ~p |yl lyY p [vf ~vl { vnKr ~ppxY z {x~ R{y 16p r tzY ~ tzY |yl{, 18p r tzY |yl{, 14p r tzY |yl{ p [p nY}l rp{ Rly 18p r tzY l{ ~mpx n p [p vnzp yrxz 2.15,000Y vnz l[ n Rp[Y .W~.Rx. ~v[v v[p zt [pp z.

Yt IJhN rx p{lvf pK...?
Yt IJh{ Rn zYN RplMcY {|xp rnYYK pp IJh{Y {{n Wxf YhKv[ ~zz ztp t{l vv IJh{f IJhYxpf ztp {yr~n Yvxp Ròx Rly rzY Yf{Y ~ p [~ R t{l yf Rp{yjx N.
Rn Rr yG Yt IJh Rly rzY YfN ~ur zYK z~ Yfxl Yypx ~ty[v rl v Rv vrz yl rz~r cxpl Yvylp vlx.

ypzh xyrx qv rrp IJhYx {x
{lxvx vGfvp xyrx rrp IJh Yyp ~v IJhYxY[v Ryvj {pp lv IJh ~vcx {p{p Urv nY}l rp{p lv rn[zY nY}l S vGfvY r{l{[p xv x. 2003 {~M ~f {lx vGfp xyrx rrp IJh Yyp ò~xp ypzh [ Ryvj n Wxp {p~ pN.



Designed by Mangala Madanayake

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